By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Netflix on May 6 added A Man Called Otto, which stars Tom Hanks as a 60ish widower who struggles to find life’s meaning. Since the addition, the movie been a constant #1 choice on the streamer’s Top 10 Movies list. The comedy/drama, which was released nationwide in theaters in January, has apparently clicked with the home audience.

But is A Man Called Otto any good? gives the movie a score of 69 out of a possible 100. (The ‘audience score’ is 97.) Below are some samples of the top reviews, and a movie trailer. Enjoy.

“Tom Hanks is reliably, dependably Tom Hanksy in this feelgood comedy-drama, the newest addition to the “grumpy old guy in need of redemption” genre. Unfortunately, his steady work is almost undone by clunky direction and shoddy, shortcut scripting.” — Winnipeg Free Press.

“If you were to start [this remake and the original] at the exact same moment, I promise it wouldn’t make any difference which one you looked at. But you know why? Because all the scenes were working in the first movie, too.” — NPR, Los Angeles.

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“Even the most skeptical of moviegoers will be moved by A Man Called Otto’s undeniable warmth and timely message about looking past one’s surface to see the person inside. You just might reach for the Kleenex, then get angry at yourself for doing so.” — LA Weekly.

“It’s inherently tricky making a feel-good movie with so many traumatic moments, but “A Man Called Otto” is a decent enough American remake of the Swedish original.” — WTOP Radio.

“As always, Tom Hanks is in there pitching. But the cliched plot about a reformed grumpy old man is so obvious you can see it from outer space.” — ABC News.

“A surprisingly cranky Tom Hanks can’t elevate this cringe-worthy drama.” — Hollywood In Toto.

“Touches on the same weighty themes as ‘Ove’ — isolation, suicide, and mortality among them — but from the start, director Marc Forster…pulls back the drapes to brighten what in the original version was a decidedly murky room.” — The Saturday Evening Post.

“It’s too busy aiming for the heart when it should be going for the jugular.” — Boston Globe.

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