By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Apple TV+ this Friday (May 5) will debut a new sci-fi series called Silo which stars Rebecca Ferguson as an engineer who’s among the last 10,000 people on Earth. She investigates a loved one’s murder but soon uncovers an even greater mystery about the toxic world outside their bubbled existence. Sounds like an interesting premise and Common and Rashida Jones are among the supporting players.

But is Silo any good?, which tracks critical reviews, currently gives the 10-episode series a perfect score of 100, based on seven reviews. Below is a sample of the reviews, and a show trailer. Enjoy.

“Silo is a beautifully realized slice of science fiction which bites off more answers than the ten-episode run can chew. The world-building and intrigue will keep audiences watching, and thankfully the payoff is almost worth it to patient viewers.” — Ameila Harvey, Scream Queens.

“Silo is a beautifully realized science fiction piece depicting an authentic and gritty society.” — Ready, Steady, Cut.

“If you can accept the outlandish genre trappings and the largely dour tone, there is a thrilling riddle to unfurl here, rich with real-world implications and analogies.” — John Nugent, Empire Magazine.

“Silo is the sci-fi fan’s sci-fi show, and will probably find its audience among the more hardcore Dune fans (and not just because of the shared star) but isn’t destined to become the next Severance or Stranger Things.” — Dais Johnston, Inverse.

“For all the ways Silo can begin to get lost in itself, both it and Ferguson still manage to stumble upon something more fascinating, finding a way to march on despite all that is holding it back.” — Chase Hutchinson, Collider.

Looks like a winner. To see more reviews of Silo at Rotten, click here.

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