By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Netflix. Hulu. HBO Max. Disney Plus. Paramount Plus. Peacock. Sling TV. YouTube TV…

Dear God, there are so many streaming services now that it’s nearly impossible to remember them all much less decide which one or ones to subscribe to. The TV Answer Man provides daily updates on programming, feature and pricing news for the major streamers. But is there a cheat sheet that can help you determine whether a particular service would suit your viewing and financial needs? Whether it’s a good idea to subscribe?

Well, there is now. We asked our favorite Artificial Intelligence engine, ChatGPT, to offer a checklist for questions to ask before you decide to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and all the rest. Below is the AI response and, as always, the article was edited and fact-checked by the human TV Answer Man team. Enjoy.

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The rise of video streaming services has revolutionized the way people consume entertainment. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose which service to subscribe to. Before you commit to a video streaming service, there are several questions you should ask yourself to ensure you’re making the right choice.

1. What content do I want to watch? Different video streaming services offer varying types of content. Some specialize in movies, while others focus on TV shows or documentaries. Determine the kind of content you’re interested in and research which streaming services offer it.

2. How much does it cost? Video streaming services come in different price ranges, from free to premium. Determine your budget and compare the subscription fees of the services you’re interested in. Also, consider the cost of any additional features you may want, such as ad-free viewing or access to live sports events.

3. Are there any free trials or promotions? Many video streaming services offer free trials or promotions to new subscribers. Take advantage of these offers to test out the service before committing to a subscription. Make sure to read the terms and conditions, including the duration of the free trial and any cancellation policies.

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4. What devices can I use to access the service? Make sure the video streaming service is compatible with the devices you have. Most services can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, but some may have limitations. Check if the service requires any additional hardware, such as a streaming device or gaming console.

5. How many simultaneous streams are allowed? If you plan on sharing your video streaming account with family or friends, make sure to check how many simultaneous streams are allowed. Some services only allow one or two streams at a time, while others offer multiple simultaneous streams.

6. What is the video quality and resolution? Video quality and resolution can greatly affect your viewing experience. Check what video quality the service offers, such as SD, HD, or 4K, and make sure it’s compatible with your device. Also, consider the internet speed required for optimal viewing quality.

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7. Is there a download option? If you frequently travel or have limited access to the internet, consider if the service offers a download option. This allows you to download content to your device and watch it offline, without an internet connection.

In conclusion, before subscribing to a video streaming service, make sure to consider your viewing preferences, budget, device compatibility, and any additional features you may want. By asking the right questions, you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your subscription and enjoying the content you love.

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