By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Peacock, the subscription streaming service owned by Comcast/NBC, today added the movie, Champions, which stars Woody Harrelson a hothead minor league basketball coach who’s ordered to coach a learning disabilities team as community service for a drunk driving offense. The sports comedy, which was released in theaters on February 27, 2023, also stars Kaitlin Olson as the coach’s girlfriend, Ernie Hudson as a coaching colleague and Cheech Marin as the head of the community center where Woody’s team practices.

Now that you know what the movie is about, is it any good?, which tracks critical reviews, gives Champions a score of 59 out of a possible 100, based on 121 reviews. Below is a sample of the top reviews, and a movie trailer. Enjoy.

“Despite its predictability and few instances of poor judgment, “Champions” has enough crowd-pleasing mojo to make it worth sitting through. And it also has Woody Harrelson who carries much of the movie on his back.” — Keith Garlington, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

“Champions has its heart in the right place… It’s possible to admire the message, though, without thinking much of a movie that, Marcus’ (Harrelson) aspirations notwithstanding, belongs in the minor leagues.” — Brian Lowry, CNN.

“Champions is about as formulaic as a film can be, but it certainly doesn’t lack heart.” — Brian Viner, Daily Mail.

“It’s shaggy around the edges and never quite takes full advantage of the formula it’s co-opting. It’s the kind of movie you want to root for more than you end up actually rooting for it.” — Adam Graham, Detroit News.

“Is it formulaic? Yes. Does it reach Kingpin heights? No. But Champion’s an engaging watch, and the ensemble of developmentally challenged actors upstages the pros.” — Thelma Adams, AARP Movies For Grownups.

“It doesn’t overstay its welcome or take too much away from the main plot. The movie is very funny and heartwarming and does well in being a good basketball sports movie.” — Julian Lytle, Geek Girl Riot.

“Woody Harrelson leads scene-stealing ensemble in wry, winning comedy.” — Christian Toto, Toto in Hollywood.

You can read more critic reviews of Champions here at It’s worth noting that the audience score for the Woody Harrelson film is 95.

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