TV Answer Man, did you see that YouTube TV had the Multiview screen for the NFL Draft? Was pretty cool! — Carl, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Carl, you’re right. YouTube TV, the live streaming service, and new carrier of the NFL Sunday Ticket, last night offered a Multiview display of the three channels that are carrying this week’s NFL Draft — ABC, ESPN and the NFL Network. The channels were displayed on one screen at the same time.

While subscribers are still not able to customize the Multiview screen, it enables them to monitor each network’s coverage at the same time.

YouTube TV subs can continue to use Multiview for the next two days of the draft. Tonight, for rounds two and three at 8 p.m. ET, all three channels will again air the event live. On Saturday for rounds four through seven at noon ET, it will also be on ABC, ESPN and the NFL Network.

YouTube TV is promising to allow Sunday Ticket subscribers to use Multiview to watch multiple games at the same time. The streamer has expressed hope that customization will be available by then, which would permit the viewer to decide which four games to display on the one screen.

By the way, If you subscribe to ESPN through a pay TV service, you can use your pay TV username and password to stream the NFL Draft broadcast on the WatchESPN app or the ABC or ESPN web sites. However, it will not be available on the ESPN+ app.

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— Phillip Swann