By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Paramount+, the subscription video streaming service, tomorrow will add the 2023 theatrical film, Scream VI. The film, the latest in the slasher series, stars Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, Courteney Cox, Mason Gooding and many others. While still spoofing the slasher genre of the 1980s, Scream VI tries to conjure up some traditional thrills and chills as well. 

But does the film succeed? Is it any good?, which tracks critical reviews, gives the movie a score of 77 out of a possible 100, based on nearly 300 reviews. That’s good enough to win the ‘fresh’ label at Rotten Tomatoes. 

Below are some snippets from the top reviews, and a movie trailer. Enjoy!

“As corny as it sounds, Scream VI reminded me why I love movies.” — Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

“The latest installment in the long-running slasher series delivers the usual bloody thrills, but it also sends up the era of all-powerful franchise IP…’ — The Ringer.

“Scream VI is a massive surprise. It’s tense, scary, and fun, and I was happy to engage with the new players involved.” — JoBlo’s Movie Network.

“Despite my antipathy toward the Scream-quels, I found myself gripped by enough of Scream 6 that I imagine fans of the series will embrace it.” — New York Magazine/Vulture.

“Come for the carnage, stay for the witty meta dialogue.” — AARP Movies For Grownups.

“Audiences have been rewarded with another creative entry in the franchise, a film that builds off the strengths of last year’s reboot while continuing to honor the franchise’s roots established by the late Wes Craven.” — Bowling Green Daily News.

“Happily, the 28-year-old series does not lack for ambition and chooses to stretch its wings with this sequel.” — Pittsburgh Magazine.

“Slasher franchise brings meta rants, gore and surprising amount of fun.” —

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