By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Peacock just added Mrs. Davis, a sci-fi adventure/drama series starring Betty Gilpin as a nun who uses her faith and other means to tackle an evil Artificial Intelligence named, Mrs. Davis. With Artificial Intelligence all the rage, the show is getting lots of buzz on social media and in publications. But is Mrs. Davis (the show, not the AI) any good?, which tracks critical reviews, gives the show a score of 88 out of a possible 100, based on 41 reviews. That’s heavenly good, folks. 

Below is a sample of some top reviews. Enjoy.

“Mrs. Davis is big, bold, and loud in both its ideas and its execution, with some pretty stunning set-pieces across its eight-episode run.” — Liz Shannon Miller, Consequence.

“It’s a wild ride, but an enjoyable one if you strap in tight.” — Rachel Syme, New Yorker.

“The zany series from Damon Lindelof is a welcome departure—pun intended—from the showrunner’s usual sensibilities…” — Miles Surrey, The Ringer.

“This is going to be everyone’s favorite new show. It is weird, wild, hilarious, and profanely brilliant. Whether you call her Mum, Madonna, or Mrs. Davis, this algorithm has hit all the right notes with me, and I am completely on board.” — JoBlo’s Movie Network.

“Mrs. Davis is certainly a strange show, but just strange enough to be intriguing instead of off-putting.” — Joel Keller, Decider.

“A wildly inventive and giddily enjoyable action-adventure, Mrs Davis is a hall of mirrors that debates faith and artificial intelligence, explores the sharp end of familial love, and revels in absurdist coincidence.” — Craig Mathieson, The Age.

“The rare show that feels inscrutable at first and eventually seduces you to such an intense degree that you would eagerly die on the nearest available hill defending it.” — Jen Cheney, Vulture/New York Magazine.

Brian Lowy of CNN is a rare critic who doesn’t like the show. Why, Brian?

“Different” is nice, but it isn’t necessarily better, or enough to justify an eight-hour commitment.” — Brian Lowry, CNN.

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