By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas star in Ghosted, an Apple original film that debuted Friday, April 21, on Apple TV+. The rom-com movie features Evans as an everyguy guy who falls in love with a beautiful but mysterious woman who turns out to be a spy. Of course, as things happen in movies, Ana must use her special skills to get Evans out of trouble and into her heart.

But is the movie any good?, which tracks critical reviews, gives the film a score of just 31 out of a possible 100, based on 65 reviews. Sounds like the critics have ghosted Ghosted.

Below is a sample of the top reviews. Enjoy.

“Despite the big stunts and the charisma of Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, Ghosted offers little we haven’t seen before.” — Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times.

“This movie is annoying and loud and definitely needs to get a room, and be locked from the outside with furniture piled against the door.” John Serva, Decider.

“Ghosted is just happy to evoke the concept of entertainment in the hopes that some pretty faces and a familiar arrangement of flashing lights might be enough to convince the stock market that Apple is investing its money rather than [wasting it].” — David Ehrlich, IndieWire.

“It’s readily apparent that de Armas and Evans, charismatic and charming on their own, have next to no chemistry. Every line delivery is so stilted it’s as though they’re being read off cue-cards, a la SNL.” — Marlow Stern, Rolling Stone.

“The action is plentiful, but not particularly well-executed, and neither Mr. Evans nor Ms. Armas is really a comedian.” — John Anderson, Wall Street Journal.

“That it comes from Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher and Deadpool and Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick is flat-out dismaying; either they didn’t care or they’re losing their abilities.” Luke Y. Thompson, AV Club.

Brian Lowry of CNN is one top reviewer who liked the film. Why, Brian?

“A spirited if familiar action-based romantic comedy, where the sparring banter generally outshines the muscular stunts. Throw in clever cameos and this Apple TV+ movie delivers on its promise of unpretentious fun.” — Brian Lowry, CNN.

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