By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, so there’s a two-screen limit (on the Sunday Ticket). Can those two screens be in two different households without the Family Plan? Can I basically share my Ticket with another person in another home even if he doesn’t pay for it? More than one person? Is that possible? — Tony, town withheld.

Tony, you’re right. Google has announced that the NFL Sunday Ticket will include a two-stream maximum whether you order it via YouTube TV or YouTube Primetime Channels.

DIRECTV allowed Ticket subscribers to watch the Ticket on several different receivers in the home. But remember: Google paid $1 billion a year more for the rights than DIRECTV paid. The company needs every sub it can get. The two-screen limit might trigger more individual subscriptions.

The two streams are in addition to the three simultaneous streams you get with your $72.99 a month YouTube TV plan. If you get the NFL RedZone Channel with the Ticket (the bundle is more expensive), the RedZone would count as one of your two Ticket streams. That means you could watch one game and one RedZone at the same time. The same applies with the Multiview. You could stream one game and one Multiview screen at the same time.

Now to your question: Since there is a two-stream max, could you watch one Sunday Ticket game at your home while a friend uses your Sunday Ticket user name and password to watch another game at his or her home?

Answer: Yes. There will be no IP address restrictions so you can use your two streams at two different locations. With the Ticket’s prices ranging from $249 to $489, I could see some people becoming partners to ease the expense. You pay half and your friend pays the other half.

However, again, there are only two streams. You couldn’t have three people watching at the same time. And if you share your user name/password with a friend, you would be limited to one stream in your home.

Tony, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann