By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Rachel Weisz will star in dual roles as treacherous twin sisters in a six-episode Dead Ringers coming to Amazon’s Prime Video this Friday, April 21. The series is remake of the 1988 classic directed by David Cronenberg which stars Jeremy Irons. This installment features the Weisz’ characters as manipulative medical maniacs who share lovers, drugs and a zeal to replace traditional medical ethics with a new experimental medicine. Sounds like a good vehicle to showcase Weisz’ talents. The actress has shined in such films as The Mummy, The Bourne Legacy and Definitely, Maybe.

But is the series any good?, which tracks critical reviews, currently gives the show a score of 81, which is pretty good. The score is based on 21 different reviews which also is a good consensus. Below are blurbs from some of the reviews. Enjoy.

“Wonderfully subversive and thrilling, Dead Ringers is an adaptation done right. Weisz’s performance is as outlandish as it is spellbinding.” — WhyNow.

“It’s scalpel-sharp, darkly funny, and at times, smattered in blood.” — Inverse.

“It may not be perfect overall, with some odd detours and some vague plotting, but this is vital, exciting filmmaking nonetheless.” — Ready, Steady, Cut.

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“Dead Ringers is an incredible work of art, full of knotty conversations about the give and take of society at all levels. It takes an unapologetically feminine look at the politics, science, and emotion of maternity in the modern medical era.” — Decider.

“It’s a measure of this seductive horror show that you want to watch these weird sisters carry on, and on.”– Daily Telegraph.

“If a new Dead Ringers absolutely had to happen, then even the most gut-hardened of Cronenberg fans can concede that show-runner Alice Birch did the absolute best job possible in birthing this version.” — Globe and Mail.

“The best way to enjoy Dead Ringers is to put the film out of mind. Cronenberg’s flesh melancholy is there, filtered through multiple female perspectives and doled out in six hours of elegant yet stomach-clenching narrative.” — AV Club.

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