By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

It’s been a rough few days for Netflix. The streamer last night suffered a major technical malfunction while trying to livestream the fourth season reunion of the Love Is Blind cast. And now a high-profile new dramatic movie from Netflix has captured a rare zero rating at the critic-following

Florida Man, which premiered on Netflix last Thursday, stars Edgar Ramirez (The Undoing) as a disgraced cop and gambling addict who must return to his home state to solve a mystery and find some treasure along the way. Ramirez is an underrated actor and this sounds like his opportunity to show his stuff. But is giving the movie a score of zero out of a possible 100, albeit based on just five reviews.

“Florida Man is a muddled show that has some interesting characters and story points, but they’re lost in a show that’s far too crowded with characters and storylines,” writes Joel Keller of

“There’s not a lot here that’s fresh or new. The whole enterprise feels like a manuscript Carl Hiassen might have churned out over a long weekend and stuck in a drawer as ‘Not quite there yet.’ ” writes Roger Moore of Movie Nation.

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“One supposes that emulating meme culture will produce such a result almost every time because meme culture is fundamentally incompatible with basic storytelling principles. You can’t have your cake and eat it, in other words, even in Florida,” adds Jonathan Wilson of Ready, Steady, Cut.

Florida Man, whose title was clearly inspired by the aforementioned meme culture, has Netflix fave Jason Bateman as the movie’s executive producer. Bateman has told the press in recent days that he hopes Florida Man will become as popular as his Ozark series at Netflix.

But if these five critics know what they’re talking about…

The good news for Florida Man and Jason is that the Rotten Tomatoes audience score is 85, which is based on more than 100 viewer reviews.

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