TV Answer Man, our entire family is upset over losing Newsmax on DIRECTV. We all watched it at night after dinner. Is there any chance that DIRECTV will put Newsmax back on the air? We would be very happy about that. — Marlene, Biloxi, Mississippi. 

Marlene, DIRECTV, DIRECTV Stream and U-verse all lost Newsmax last week when the companies could not reach a new carriage agreement. Newsmax claims that DIRECTV is exhibiting liberal bias, but the TV provider says the conservative news channel is simply asking for too much money to carry it. (You can read more about the dispute here.)

There’s no doubt that Newsmax’s exit left many DIRECTV subscribers upset, particularly those who feel most other news channels tilt to the left. But their cries of censorship should be mollified at least somewhat by the fact that Newsmax is still available for free on numerous streaming platforms as well as part of a programming package on cable and satellite.

But that may not be enough for committed DIRECTV subscribers who want Newsmax on their TV provider of choice. So the question is:

Will DIRECTV ever bring Newsmax back?

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Despite continued (albeit fewer) protests from Republican officials in Washington and elsewhere, the odds are very slim. DIRECTV last week replaced Newsmax with another conservative news/information outlet, called The First, and even placed it in the same channel slot (channel 349). The satcaster couldn’t have made a louder statement that it has moved on.

This is now the equivalent of people still wondering if a person will get back with a previous spouse — right after he or she got married to someone else. It’s not happening, folks.

The replacement of Newsmax with another conservative news channel has also calmed the political waters as Republicans now find it tougher to allege liberal bias.

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Marlene, hope that makes sense. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann