TV Answer Man, I am interested in getting YouTube TV for its 4K programming. But I look at their web site and I can’t tell which shows they have coming up in 4K. That’s a real problem for me. How can I subscribe if I don’t know what’s on in 4K? Am I missing something? — Ronnie, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Ronnie, that’s a very good point. Unlike FuboTV, the other live streaming service that offers 4K programming, YouTube TV does not publicize its upcoming 4K programs to the general public. You have to already be a subscriber to see the list. Considering that YouTube TV’s base price is $64.99 a month — and its 4K Plus add-on plan is $20 a month — that seems like a major mistake to me. More people might subscribe if they knew what they were getting.

However, if you are a YouTube TV subscriber, here’s how you can find out what’s coming up in 4K:

1. You can type ‘4K’ into the guide search box and it will display all available 4K programs, including live sports and on-demand programs. (Note: If you do not have the 4K Plus add-on plan, you will be unable to watch the 4K titles.)

2. You can also use the guide’s Live tab to find channels showing 4K programs over the next 10 days. If a channel has an upcoming program airing in 4K, it will be listed here.

YouTube TV provides 4K programming from the following networks:

FOX Sports
Nat Geo

NBC Sports
MLB Network

Finally, YouTube is offering discounts on 4K Plus add-on packages to select customers so keep your eyes open for those offers.

Ronnie, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann