Fox today is offering an upscaled 4K production of the New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game. As the game approaches halftime, many fans have tweeted their assessment of Fox’s 4K picture. Here are some of the highlights from their remarks:

“@TVAnswerMan  Viking vs Giants 4k Fox best quality of any NFL network like always.” — @bobbylocs1

“Fox’s 4K presentation is so great.” — @ben_alterman

“The NFL in 4k is great. It’s shouldn’t just be Fox.” — @dlbags

“PSA Reminder – Fox app is 4k and HDR. Looks a lot better than Hulu Live, but that stadium field is still a cheap carpet remnant from the bottom of the clearance box.” — @bobmrik

Thank you Fox for letting me watch Giants vs Vikings in 4K HDR. Only network that does that. It’s ridiculous more sports aren’t in 4K.” — @austinplanet

@YouTubeTV your 4k #NFLPlayoffs game is terrible via a #CCwGtv. Judder stutter jitter on a wired connection. FYI, same 4k feed looks great on a #Roku via Fox sports app.” — ‘Dr. Gary.’

I’ve always complained about  @NFLonFOX cameras vs @NFLonCBS … but Fox providing 4K coverage on @YouTubeTV makes a world of a difference. Step it up @CBS” — @IIIIIII

It appears the fans today are highly impressed with the picture, compared to yesterday’s Seattle-San Francisco game which drew a mixed reaction. If you have comments on the 4K picture of the Giants-Vikings game, post them below.

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— Phillip Swann