TV Answer Man, I saw your article about Fox doing this weekend’s NFL playoff games in 4K. Do you know if they will have more NFL playoff games in 4K this month? And what about the Super Bowl? Will that be in 4K? — Jeri, Nashville. 

Jeri, the TV Answer Man reported yesterday that Fox this weekend (January 14-15) will air both the Seattle Seahawks-San Francisco 49ers first round playoff game and the New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings first round matchup in 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The Seahawks-49ers game will start Saturday (January 14) at 4:30 p.m. ET while the Giants-Vikings matchup will take place Sunday (January 15) at 4: 30 p.m. ET.

This site also reported five weeks ago that Fox will offer the 2023 Super Bowl in 4K on February 12, 2023.

But what about Fox’s coverage of the two NFC divisional round games on January 21 and 22? And what about the NFC Championship game on January 29? Will Fox do those three games in 4K HDR, too?

Both FuboTV and Optimum (Altice) are now listing those games as being available in 4K. However, Fox has yet to confirm this so we’ll just say it appears highly likely that they will be in 4K.

The TV providers base their listings on information provided by the networks. While the listings are not always 100 percent accurate, they are usually a good indicator of what will air.

(You can learn more about which providers participate in the Fox 4K program here. To find out what you need to watch 4K on the Fox Sports app, including which devices are compatible, click here.)

The TV Answer Man will update this story when we get more information from Fox. Until then, happy viewing and stay safe!

Update: Fox confirms that it will do all NFL playoff games in 4K.

Note: Fox’s 4K football and basketball broadcasts are upscaled from 1080p HDR. Upscaling is the process when one video format is converted to another. Fox takes the 1080p HDR signal and converts it to a 4K format. Upscaling 4K is not considered as good as native 4K, but the inclusion of HDR can offer heightened colors and vividness.

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— Phillip Swann