DIRECTV will launch an election mix channel on November 7 that will offer multiple perspectives on the mid-term Congressional elections held that day.

The channel, which will be available on channels 71, 200 and 347, will include live feeds of Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and the BBC. Viewers can fill the screen with one of the four by clicking on it, or watch all four at the same time. This is similar to the mix channels that DIRECTV has previously provided for tennis and golf tournaments such as The Masters and Wimbledon.

Called the Election HQ channel, it will also include a results ticker and an interactive app with access to state-by-state results for the Senate and House and key ballot initiatives.

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DIRECTV is promoting the election mix channel while simultaneously noting that Mission Broadcasting has still not returned its 25 local TV stations to the satcaster’s lineup. The companies have been involved in a carriage dispute since October 21 and DIRECTV has urged Mission to allow its viewers to continue watching the stations in the days preceding the November 7 elections while negotiations continued. The satellite TV company said Mission is violating ‘the public interest’ by not allowing its viewers to watch its election coverage.

Mission fired back that the election request was a ploy to win public favor and charged that DIRECTV and its owners, AT&T and private equity firm, TPG, were trying to “bully” a ‘small’ broadcaster.

To learn more about the dispute, and when it might end, click here.

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— Phillip Swann