DIRECTV has launched a Severe Weather Channel and a four-channel Weather Mix Channel in advance of Hurricane Ian’s expected landfall today in Florida.

The Severe Weather Channel, which is available on channel 361-2 on DIRECTV and 1226 on U-verse, will rotate live Florida local news coverage from broadcast stations in the region. DIRECTV is working with local broadcast stations in the area including Ft. Myers-Naples; Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota; Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne; Gainesville-Ocala; Jacksonville FL-Brunswick GA.

The Weather Mix Channel, which will be available on DIRECTV’s channels 200 and 361-1, will feature round-the-clock live coverage from the Weather Channel, AccuWeather and CNN (whose Atlanta headquarters lies within the anticipated path). The channel will provide multiple feeds on the same screen, allowing viewers to follow news of Hurricane Ian from different sources at the same time.

DIRECTV has provided special weather channels for past hurricanes as well including Hurricane Ida in 2021 and Hurricanes Marco and Laura in 2020.

Hurricane Ian, which is now a Category 4 storm, is expected to reach southwest Florida this afternoon and continued its path through west and north Florida over the next two days, possibly reaching Georgia and the Carolinas by Friday.

Comcast yesterday announced that 90,000 public hotspots will be available for free throughout Central, North and Southwest Florida, and the Florida Panhandle during the storm. Seethis Xfinity WiFi page for details.

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— Phillip Swann