DIRECTV and YouTube TV continue to demonstrate that they are the 4K TV leaders in the pay TV industry with tonight’s 4K HDR showing of the Los Angeles Dodgers-New York Mets game at 7 p.m. ET from Citi Field in Queens, New York.

The Dodgers LHP Tyler Anderson (13-2, 2.69) is scheduled to face the Mets RHP ace Jacob deGrom (3-1, 2.15). ESPN’s Matchup Predictor says the Mets are a 62.4 percent favorite to win the game thanks to deGrom being on the mound. (The Dodgers last night beat the Mets, 4-3.)

MLB Network is producing the Dodgers-Mets game as one of its ‘Showcase’ matchups, which features the league’s top teams. The channel is offering a 4K feed of its Showcase games to pay TV providers. DIRECTV and YouTube TV are the only providers that deliver the 4K feed to their subscribers. (MLB Network is simulcasting a high-def feed on its regular channel.)

DIRECTV and YouTube TV often are among the few providers to air live sporting events in 4K with each service sometimes providing games exclusively in the format. DIRECTV, for example, airs some prestigious golf events, such as The Masters, exclusively in 4K while YouTube TV is the only provider that does YouTube’s MLB Game of the Week in the format.

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To watch the Dodgers-Mets game in 4K, YouTube TV customers must subscribe to the 4K Plus add-on package, which costs $19.99 a month. (This is in addition to the YouTube TV base plan, which costs $64.99 a month.

DIRECTV subscribers must have a Choice plan or above, a 4K-enabled DIRECTV set-top and a mini-Genie to watch the game in 4K.

MLB Network’s 4K feeds are upscaled, meaning they are produced in 1080p HDR and upgraded to 4K HDR for delivery to DIRECTV and YouTube TV. This is similar to what Fox does for its live sports in 4K. They are produced on site in 4K and then upconverted to 4K for home transmission.

In other recent 4K news, NBC confirmed to the TV Answer Man it will again show Notre Dame football home games in 4K this season while Amazon told us that it will not offer its exclusive Thursday Night Football games in the format this season. This is Amazon’s first year of holding the exclusive rights to the weekly games.

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— Phillip Swann