TV Answer Man, I have been thinking of getting NESN 360 to watch the Red Sox but do you know if they have 4K yet on the app? I know they said the coming months, but that doesn’t tell me a thing. Can you update this? — John, Westborough, Massachusetts. 

John, before I answer, a little background on NESN 360.

NESN, the TV home of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, last month launched a digital service that allows fans in the Boston market to subscribe directly to the channel’s live games and other programming without an additional pay TV subscription.

The service, called NESN 360, costs $29.99 a month after a first month cost of $1. An annual subscription goes for $329.99 but will include eight tickets to a 2022 Red Sox game of your choosing.

Subscribers can watch the digital service on computers, iOS and Android devices, Apple TV and Roku. In addition, NESN viewers on traditional pay TV services such as cable or satellite can access NESN 360 by using their pay TV user name and password.

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But what about 4K, you ask? Red Sox home games are available in 4K on the regular NESN channel on select pay TV providers (Verizon, DIRECTV and FuboTV), but what about the NESN 360 app?

When NESN 360 was launched, channel officials said 4K would be added in “the coming months.” Well, the coming months have come — that is, if you have the right box.

NESN 360 is now doing a Beta trial of a 4K stream on the Apple TV streaming device. That means you can watch the Red Sox in 4K on the NESN 360 app if you subscribe to NESN 360 or subscribe to NESN via a pay TV provider by inputting your user name and password in the app. (Note: I haven’t checked if the user name and password works for each provider, but it should, according to NESN’s press release released at launch. There’s also no word on when NESN 360 4K will be available on other devices.)

John, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann