TV Answer Man, I read your article about the NBA Finals on Sling TV. Do you know if you can watch the NHL Finals with the Avalanche and Lightning on Sling TV? And how much would it cost? — Ian, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Ian, the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, which will pit the Tampa Bay Lightning versus the Colorado Avalanche, begins Wednesday night (June 15) with game one at 8 p.m. ET. Each game of the series will be broadcast by ABC.

Sling TV, the multi-channel, live streaming service, is now offering its first month of service for just $25, which is $10 off the regular rate. But Sling does not carry ABC which would seem to make the streamer a bad choice even at the discounted rate.


Sling TV carries ESPN 3, one of the sports network’s online services, and it will simulcast the NHL Finals. You can access ESPN 3 on Sling by simply clicking on its icon in the Sling on-screen guide. But please note that Sling’s Orange base plan includes ESPN 3, not the streamer’s base Blue plan. So make sure you get the Orange plan when signing up.

Of course, the cheapest way to watch the NHL Finals is a TV antenna. That is, if you already own one. The antenna can pick up the local ABC station signal for free. But if you don’t already own an antenna, it will cost you $20-30, which is about the same as that one month of Sling.

Ian, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann