DIRECTV will offer seven separate HD channels of the 2022 French Open, which begins this Sunday, as well as 4K coverage of one women’s and one men’s tournament semifinal (June 2-3) and both men’s and women’s finals on June 4 and June 5.

The tournament, which is also known as the Roland-Garros, and runs Sunday, May 22 through Sunday, June 5, will be simulcast in high-def at various times on NBC and the Tennis Channel. Peacock, the NBC-owned streaming service, will also provide live action on some days. (See this NBC Sports TV viewing schedule for more details.)

The 2022 DIRECTV “Roland-Garros Experience” will be anchored by a ‘mosaic channel’ (channel 901) which will feature simultaneous matches on one screen. On channels 902-907, the satcaster will dedicated screens to individual match play on the Phillipe Chartier, Suzanne Lenglen and Simone Matthieu courts located outside Paris.

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DIRECTV will also feature an on-screen ticker with real-time scores, updated women’s and men’s tournament draw, individual player bios and recent results, among other tournament tidbits.

The 4K coverage of the semifinals and finals will be available on DIRECTV’s channels 104-108.

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To watch the event in 4K, DIRECTV customers will need a Genie HD DVR (model HR54 or later); a DIRECTV 4K ready TV, or a 4K TV connected to a 4K Genie Mini; and a Select package or higher.

Comcast offered the 2020 French Open in 4K but did not provide last year’s tournament in 4K. (DIRECTV did.) It’s unclear if Comcast or any other pay TV provider, such as YouTube TV, will also show this year’s semifinals and finals in the format. The TV Answer Man will update this story if we get more information.

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— Phillip Swann