TV Answer Man, I liked the picture on last Friday’s Apple TV game between the Mets and Nationals. I know they are having more games and they are now free with no subscription to Apple. But do you know how long the games will be available for free? I am tired of paying for one streaming thing after another just to watch baseball on TV. — Xavier, Dayton, Ohio. 

Xavier, Apple TV+, the tech giant’s streaming service, will offer a Friday night doubleheader for the entire MLB 2022 season. The next twin bill will be tomorrow night when Apple TV+ streams the Rays-White Sox game at 7 p.m. ET and the Reds-Dodgers at 10 p.m. ET.

Apple TV+, which also streams original movies, TV shows and documentaries, normally costs $4.99 a month. But the company says the MLB games will be available for free “for a limited time.”

And what is that limited time, you ask?

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The Apple TV+ press release that revealed the first 12 weeks of games says they will be free. That means all games until June 24 will be free.

“These scheduled games are available to anyone with internet access, for free, only on Apple TV+,” the release states.

What happens after June 24? Will you be required to pay the $4.99 subscription to watch the games?

Probably. This is what Noah Garden, MLB’s chief revenue officer, recently told The Los Angeles Times:

“They have the ability to put it behind a paywall. That is something I would probably expect them, on some level, to do. That’s a decision they’ll make down the road,” said Garden.

So, Xavier, enjoy the games for free while you can.

Hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann