TV Answer Man, I read your article about The Masters being in 4K on DIRECTV. Does that mean it will be in 4K on DIRECTV Stream, too? I hope so because I think it would look really cool. — Terry, Boise. 

Terry, DIRECTV, the satellite service, will air this week’s Masters Golf Tournament from Augusta, Georgia in 4K for the seventh straight year and in 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) for the fith straight year.

DIRECTV will offer 4K coverage of the ‘Amen Corner’ (holes 11th through 13th) on channel 105 as well as the 15th and 16th holes on channel 106 each day of the four-day event which begins Thursday, April 7 and runs through Sunday, April 10.

But what about DIRECTV Stream, the satcaster’s online sister service? Will it stream The Masters in 4K?

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I’ve received several reader e-mails asking that very question, but the answer is no.

DIRECTV Stream, which will offer HD coverage of the tournament on CBS and ESPN, has never done a single show or sporting event in 4K and The Masters will be no different. Just HD.

To date, FuboTV and YouTube TV are the only multi-channel, live streaming services that offer 4K programming, which is a shame. I’m sure that some DIRECTV subscribers would opt for DIRECTV Stream if it offered 4K as well, not to mention ‘cord-cutters’ looking for a quality alternative to cable and satellite.

DIRECTV’s management team has never offered an explanation as to why Stream doesn’t have 4K. But money is at least one likely concern; a pay TV provider has to invest in expanded programming deals and infrastructure to provide live sports in 4K.

Terry, hope that makes sense. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann