TV Answer Man, I know the earlier March Madness games were not in 4K, but what about the Final Four and championship game? Is there any chance they will be in 4K? — Josh, Indianapolis. 

Josh, the Final Four of this year’s college basketball championship tournament, better known as March Madness, begins Saturday (April 2) at 6:09 p.m. ET when Kansas plays Villanova. Duke will face North Carolina in the second game of the night with tip-off expected around 8:49 p.m. ET.

The winners will play Monday night (April 4) at 9 p.m. ET. All three games will air on the Turner-owned TBS, and stream on the March Madness Live app, which can be accessed with a pay TV user name and password. Please note that the games will not be on CBS, which has broadcast the Final Four and championship game in past years. This is a Turner exclusive.

But will Turner go the extra mile and show the games in 4K, you ask?

No. March Madness’ final three games will not be in 4K, just as the earlier games in the tournament were not in 4K.

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CBS and Turner, which have had the TV rights to the college basketball championship tournament for years, have only offered March Madness in 4K once, in 2019. CBS also chose not to produce the 2021 Super Bowl in 4K while Turner has not done any 4K except for the 2019 March Madness.

Josh, sorry about the news, but happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann