Thousands of Netflix subscribers have taken to social media sites to bash the streaming service’s characterization of its new price increase as a ‘price update.’

The TV Answer Man reported last Saturday that Netflix has alerted existing subscribers of the new monthly prices in an e-mail with the following subject header:

“We’re updating our prices — here’s why.”

Netflix does not mention anywhere in the e-mail that the subscriber’s monthly price will actually increase; it just says it will be ‘updated.’ The streaming service announced last month that it’s raising its monthly prices by $1-2, but it hadn’t informed subscribers of the increase until now.

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“We hope you’re enjoying everything Netflix has to offer. We’re updating our prices to bring you more great entertainment. Your monthly price will change to (new plan price) on March 12, 2022,” the e-mail says.

After publication of the article, online forums such as Reddit have been overflowing with comments from Netflix subscribers accusing the streamer of trying to hide the price hike. One Reddit board established to allow people to discuss the article now has more than 1,100 comments and many of the writers have resorted to humor to describe their anger.

“So I’m not canceling my subscription but I’m updating my subscription status?” writes RC-5.

“It’s not media piracy, it’s “alternate show sourcing,” quipped I_might_be_weasel.

“I have update my subscription status to: Canceled,” writes mike626.

“I’m not pirating- I’m updating my library,” says chrslp.

“It’s not a cancel of subscription, it’s a usage update,” writes sasu168.

“Thanks Netflix. I also updated my subscription setting to cancelled,” says reinking.

“Going to try this at work. It’s not a raise, it’s an income update,” said ‘lucidinceptor510.

“I love the idea that someone in corporate communications and/or public relations spent hours think tanking a way to respond to the anticipated backlash of the increase in price. And how they legitimately thought responding with “price update” would somehow make people go “ooooh. ok, then. We’re straight,” sneered orange_cuse.

The Netflix e-mail has also been a hot topic on radio stations and other social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  But it remains to be seen if the price increase, and the company’s ‘update’ e-mail, will result in a significant number of cancellations. Netflix has raised prices before without any serious blowback from subscribers.

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— Phillip Swann