TV Answer Man, I have been watching the Olympics in 4K on my Comcast Xfinity service. I love the way it looks, but I would like to record it so I can show my wife and kids later. How do you record 4K on Xfinity? — Terry, Upper Marlboro, Maryland. 

Terry, Comcast is one of five pay TV providers that is offering NBC’s live 4K feed of the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing, China. The live 4K feed is available in 38 Xfinity markets, including the Washington, D.C. area where you live. (You can learn more about NBC’s live 4K coverage of the Winter Games here.)

For the first time, Comcast is offering a live 4K sporting event with auto-tune. That means that when you tune to the NBC HD channel for the Olympics, it will automatically switch to the 4K channel. With previous 4K broadcasts, Comcast has required you to say ‘4K’ in your voice remote or click the remote’s Info button to go to the 4K channel. As a Comcast subscriber myself, auto-tune is definitely a better way.

Auto-tune takes you to channel 1387 for the live 4K Olympics broadcast and channel 1388 for the next-day recorded 4K Olympics show.

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Now to your question: Can you record either channel 1387 or 1388 in 4K to watch later?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Comcast has yet to include recording capability with its 4K programs. The only way to record the Olympics is by returning to the HD channel and clicking the record button on your remote.

By the way, besides the Olympics, Comcast’s next 4K event is tomorrow night’s college basketball game between Villanova and St. John’s at 8:30 p.m. ET. (The game will be simulcast in HD on FS1.)

Terry, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann