TV Answer Man, I am excited about watching the Olympics from China. Do you know if Charter’s Spectrum TV cable will have it in 4K? I think it would look great in 4K! — Barry, Chincoteague, Virginia. 

Barry, NBC’s coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing, China begins this Thursday and runs until February 20. The network announced last week that it will offer a live 4K feed of the opening and closing ceremonies as well as a nightly three-hour primetime show and wrap-up show following the local 11 p.m. news.

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Comcast, Altice’s Optimum, FuboTV, Verizon and YouTube TV will provide the live 4K feeds in select markets while DIRECTV and Cox will offer a delayed 4K broadcast. See this article for more details.

But what about Charter’s Spectrum TV, the nation’s second largest cable TV service?


In fact, Charter will not only not provide the Olympics in 4K, the cable op has never done anything in 4K. The TV Answer Man has asked Charter several times why and the company will only respond that 4K TV is not in its plans at this time. But the omission is particularly glaring this week with three other cable TV operators (Comcast, Optimum and Cox) offering the 4K Olympics.

Barry, sorry I don’t have better news for you.  But if you want to watch the Olympics in 4K, you’ll have to get another pay TV service. Unlike Fox, NBC does not provide its 4K programming via an app. You have to watch it on special 4K channels from your TV provider.

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— Phillip Swann