TV Answer Man, I love the new Dexter show about our favorite serial killer. My question is whether the show is available in 4K. I got a new 4K TV for the family for Christmas and I would like to try it out on Dexter. — Jim, Port Republic, Maryland. 

Jim, Dexter: New Blood, which airs on Showtime, picks up 10 years after the first Dexter series left off with Dexter Morgan, serial killer with a cause, hiding in plain sight in a small town in New York state. (Michael C. Hall is back in the title role; Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb Morgan is also back as Dex’s conscience in human form.)

The new series debuted on November 7 with the season finale (and perhaps series finale) scheduled to air on January 9, 2022.

But is Dexter: New Blood available in 4K, you ask?

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The answer is…yes! If you watch the show on the Showtime app using a compatible 4K TV and/or 4K-enabled streaming device, that is. The cable and satellite version of Showtime is not available in 4K, only HD.

I’ve watched the first seven episodes of Dexter: New Blood in 4K and it has delivered an impressive picture, although dark scenes occasionally lack some detail. But overall, it’s definitely an improvement over the high-def edition.

Jim, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann