Comcast, which lost the two MSG regional sports networks on October 1 due to a carriage battle, is now issuing a $3 monthly bill reduction to affected Xfinity subscribers in New Jersey and Connecticut, the cable operator has confirmed to The TV Answer Man.

The dispute has prevented Comcast customers in the two states from watching MSG’s broadcasts of New York Knicks, New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and New York Islanders games.

The $3 monthly bill reduction dates back to October 1 when the fee fight began. Comcast is expected to reduce the bills of the affected customers by $3 each month while the blackout continues.

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However, MSG Networks issued a statement saying Comcast “needs a lesson in basic math — a $3 refund doesn’t equal a $10 charge. It amounts to an unethical $7 rate increase for content subscribers no longer receive.”

MSG was referring to Comcast’s $10..75 regional sports fee in the New Jersey and Connecticut markets. However, the $10.75 monthly charge also covers SNY (TV home of the New York Mets), the Yes Network (TV home of the New York Yankees) and, in some areas, NBCSN Philly (TV home of the Philadelphia Phillies, 76ers and Flyers.) Those regional sports channels are still available on Comcast. The $3 monthly reduction is based solely on the loss of MSG.

But MSG says Comcast should refund the entire regional sports fee.

“Don’t let Comcast pocket your money,” the MSG statement says. “After taking away hundreds of live games of your local teams, it’s time to demand they do the right thing and refund all their customers’ money.”

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— Phillip Swann