Q. Last year, I ordered the Sunday Ticket for one week because I had a party and we watched all the games for like $70 or something like that. Do they still have that on DIRECTV? We were thinking of doing it again this year. It’s too expensive to buy the whole season. — Tony, Reno, Nevada.

Tony, you’re right. DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket can be expensive. If you purchase the basic package now, it will cost $293. And that price doesn’t include some extras like access to the Red Zone Channel. That’s in the Max plan which costs $395.

During the last several years, DIRECTV has permitted subscribers to order a single week of games if they wanted a taste of the Ticket without splurging for the entire season. The cost was considerably less than the full year. By example, DIRECTV last year charged $69.99 for a single week of games.

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I recently asked DIRECTV’s PR team if the satcaster is offering the ‘one week’ feature during the 2021 season. The answer:

“We did not offer the one week special this year, but you should also consider that we haven’t raised the price of (NFL Sunday Ticket) for three years despite our costs increasing to the NFL each of those years,” a spokesman said.

He’s right. DIRECTV has maintained the same price for the Sunday Ticket for three straight years. But if you’re looking for a cheaper way to watch, the single week plan is no longer available.

It’s worth adding that the streaming edition of the Sunday Ticket does offer a one week free trial to new customers if you are eligible to subscribe. Check the Sunday Ticket web site for details. And read our article to help determine whether you would be eligible.

Tony, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann