TV Answer Man, I am a YouTube TV subscriber and I am confused about which local NBC channels we could lose. Will I lose my NBC channel in Syracuse here. I believe it’s only the stations that NBC owns, right? And our NBC station is owned by some other company. Can you clarify this for me? – Jamal, Syracuse, New York.

Update: YouTube TV and NBC sign short-term extension.

Update #2: Update: YouTube TV & NBC Close to Final Deal

Jamal, as you know, YouTube TV and NBCUniversal are engaged in a fee fight that could force the removal of NBC channels from the streamer by tomorrow night if a new carriage pact is not signed by then. NBC earlier this week said the channels affected include:

NBC, USA Network, Golf Channel, Bravo, MSNBC, E!, CNBC, Telemundo, Syfy, Oxygen, The Olympic Channel, Universal Kids, Universo, and the NBC sports regional networks in markets where they are available.

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And this is where the confusion begins.

Normally when NBC is involved in a carriage row with a pay TV provider, it only includes the 12 NBC-owned network affiliates in markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C., and the 30 NBC-owned Telemundo locals. Companies that own other NBC affiliates, such as Sinclair, which owns the Syracuse NBC affiliate, negotiate agreements with pay TV operators separately from NBCUniversal. (For instance, Sinclair is now negotiating with Dish for a new agreement to carry its 112 local stations, including several NBC affiliates.)

But some YouTube TV subscribers have sent e-mails to yours truly inquiring whether all NBC affiliates could be blacked out in the NBC dispute. So I asked NBC spokesman Pat Bunting if this was about all NBC affiliates or just the NBC-owned stations.

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His response: “All affiliates.”

I asked Bunting why the YouTube TV agreement includes all NBC affiliates rather than only the ones owned by NBC.

“The current pact is for NBCUniversal’s entire TV content portfolio, and in this special circumstance, it is inclusive of the affiliate stations (for) NBC and Telemundo,” Bunting said.

So there you have it. If a new agreement is not signed, YouTube TV subscribers could lose all NBC local stations.

Jamal, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann