Looking for a cheap way to watch some premium programming? Amazon Prime is now offering Showtime, for 99 cents a month each for the first two months. (Amazon link is an Amazon affiliate link; this site receives a small percentage of sales from Amazon links.)

After the two months are over, the price will return to its normal $10.99 a month rate unless you cancel. However, you can save as much as $20 by subscribing now. (For instance, Showtime normally cost $10.99 a month. Paying 99 cents a month for the first two months will save you $20.)

To learn more about the 99 cent deal, click here. 

The Amazon/Showtime offer ends on September 19.

Showtime recently debuted part two of season five of Billions, the hedge fund drama starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, as well as a new eight-episode dramatic series called American Rust which stars Jeff Daniels as a small town police chief who must protect his girlfriend’s son after he’s accused of murder. Maura Tierney plays the girlfriend.

If you’re unable to take advantage of the Amazon offer, Showtime is also offering a 30-day free trial to new customers at its web site.

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— Phillip Swann