TV Answer Man, how come DIRECTV hasn’t said whether it will offer the Olympics in 4K. They are coming soon! What’s the deal with that? When will they say? — Frankie, Reno, Nevada. 

Frankie, you’re right. The 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics begins in nine days and Comcast, YouTube TV and Optimum have all announced they will offer the games in 4K. But DIRECTV? Well, the satcaster has stayed silent, saying as late as this afternoon that it wasn’t ready to confirm whether it would or not.

But just minutes ago, a DIRECTV spokesman confirmed to the TV Answer Man that it will indeed offer the Olympics in 4K on channel 105. The coverage will begin Friday, July 23, with the opening ceremony.

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I’m not sure why DIRECTV was hesitant to say it would offer the games in 4K. After all, the satellite TV service arguably offers more live sports in 4K than any other pay TV service, traditional or streaming. But after I told the PR team that DIRECTV’s on-screen guide added the 4K broadcasts late this afternoon, the unit agreed to confirm it.

We will still haven’t received official confirmation from other TV providers, such as Dish or Verizon, on whether they will do the Olympics in 4K. But it’s likely. Come back here early and often to get updates.

NBC, which is producing the event, has said its primetime coverage, and the opening and closing events, will be available in 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range). In addition, Olympic events aired by the Golf Channel and the Olympic Channel will be offered in 4K HDR. That will include track and field, gymnastics, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, golf, tennis and other sports.

Frankie, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann