TV Answer Man, I’ve been having trouble getting into my YouTube TV service this morning, and I went over to YouTube and had problems there, too. Do you know what’s going on? — Carrie, Biloxi, Mississippi. 

Carrie, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of YouTube and YouTube TV users have stormed the social media sites last night and this morning to report the services are undergoing technical snafus. Yes, hundreds of thousands  

The outages seemed to most irk basketball fans who were trying to watch last night’s NBA ‘play-in’ games on TNT. They said that they either couldn’t log in to YouTube TV, or if they could, the video would frequently freeze up before crashing entirely.

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“Unbelievable YouTube TV. 240 quality, buffering, no internet connection errors during the NBA play ins. Get together. #NBA #NBAPlayoffs,” wrote one unhappy fan last night on Twitter.

“Me calling Fios tomorrow, asking them to take me back since YouTube tv crashed during the game,” wrote another.

The problem seems to be ongoing although YouTube’s Twitter customer support team tweeted early this morning that it had been fixed.

“UPDATE: YouTube TV service issue is now resolved. We are so sorry about the interruption and we understand your frustration. If you continue to experience any issues,” @youtubetv wrote at 12:10 a.m. ET.

After numerous users continued to post complaints throughout the morning, the YouTube team posted another message at 7 a.m. ET.

“Update – We received new reports about this issue. Our teams looked into it and now we can confirm it’s resolved (again). We’ll keep a close watch and let us know if you find any problems!” YouTube tweeted.

If you are still having trouble with either YouTube or YouTube TV, I would suggest deleting the app and reinstalling it.

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— Phillip Swann