TV Answer Man, I have a new 4K TV and I would like to watch something in 4K to see what it looks like. Are there any streaming services that have 4K like YouTube TV or Hulu Live? I don’t want to get DIRECTV which I know has 4K. — Shelley, Toledo, Ohio.

Shelley, congratulations on your purchase. As of now, FuboTV is the only multi-channel, live streaming service that offers programming in 4K.

Fubo, which starts at $64.99 a month, streams occasional sporting events from Fox in the format. For example, the service has plans to offer four Fox-produced NASCAR races in 4K, starting with the May 23 COTA race at 2: 30 p.m. ET. (Fubo streamed the May 9th Darlington race in 4K as well.)

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The service has also offered numerous football and baseball games produced by Fox in 4K and will likely do so again when Fox does them in the format.

YouTube TV announced in February that it will soon provide some programming in 4K, but has yet to provide more details such as a launch date, programming and pricing. (YouTube TV’s announcement hinted that the 4K programming could be an added cost; FuboTV does not charge extra to watch 4K.) There has been talk on social media sites that YouTube TV may offer both ESPN and Fox in 4K, but that has not been confirmed.

The TV Answer Man will continue to monitor this situation and report back here if anything changes.

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Until then, happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann