TV Answer Man, my YouTube TV app has been acting erratically the last few days. It seems to crash and goes back to the main Menu. Should I try to delete it and reinstall it like you sometimes tell people to do when an app isn’t working correctly? — Charlene, Louisville. 

Charlene, the short answer to your question is…NO!!!!

Let me explain.

Roku on Friday announced that it’s removing the YouTube TV app from its Channel Store because its carriage agreement with Google, YouTube TV’s owner, has expired. The device maker says Google is trying to interfere with its search protocols, but Google denies that. Regardless of who’s right, it means the app is no longer available in the Channel Store.

However, Roku and YouTube TV are continuing to allow Roku customers who previously downloaded the app to use it. The live streamer’s complete lineup is still available with all its features intact. (You can learn more about the Roku-Google fight here.)

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But if you delete the app, and try to reinstall, you won’t be able to because the app isn’t in the Channel Store any more. So, Charlene, don’t do it!

If the app continues to perform poorly, I would instead suggest re-setting your Roku device and/or your television. When you turn the device back on, your usual list of channels, including YouTube TV, should be there and, hopefully, operating without issue.

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Charlene, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann