Dish tonight ended its nearly five-month carriage dispute with Mission Broadcasting, returning 28 Mission-owned local stations to the satcaster’s lineup.

The stations began posting notices at their web sites tonight that a new agreement had been reached.

“WYOU (one of the 28 stations) has reached an agreement with DISH Network to restore all WYOU programming, including Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7,” the station stated.

Dish confirmed to the TV Answer Man that the blackout was over.

“We are pleased to announce that DISH and Mission have reached a multi-year agreement and your local channel(s) have been restored. Thank you for your patience and support,” Dish said in a Twitter response to the inquiry from the TV Answer Man.

Dish lost the 28 Mission channels on September 11, 2020 when the two companies could not reach a new carriage pact. Terms of the new agreement were not revealed.

Dish first lost the Mission stations a year ago, but the companies decided to sign a temporary carriage agreement in March due to the Coronavirus shutdown.

Tonight’s settlement means that Dish is now missing just 33 channels due to carriage disputes. The satcaster, which last year was once missing 236 channels due to programming fights, has settled several disputes in the last few months.

The Mission-owned or managed stations are largely in mid-sized cities such as Little Rock, Arkansas, San Angelo, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, Erie, Pennsylvania, Davenport, Iowa, and Burlington, Vermont. (The list includes stations owned by White Knight Broadcasting, but are managed by Mission.) You can see the entire list of Mission stations that are now back on Dish here.

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— Phillip Swann