Q. I read your article about Wonder Woman 1984 going off after this weekend and I tried to watch it last night on HBO Max but the stream wouldn’t work. Do you know if HBO Max crashed last night or was it just my house? — Sherry, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Sherry, you’re not seeing things, so to speak. HBO Max experienced some server snafus last night, causing thousands of subscribers to storm the social media sites to say they couldn’t access the streamer’s app.

Downdetector.com, which tracks online outages, reports that 1,588 HBO Max customers were simultaneously posting complaints at the height of the problem, which was between 9 and 10 p.m. ET.  While that may not sound like a lot, most people who experience technical issues don’t go to sites such as Twitter and Facebook to express their frustration. So the actual number of people affected was likely in the scores of thousands, if not more.

“I primarily use HBO MAX through my FireTV, it refuses to load, says there’s a server error, gives me a 20 character long code, tells me to restart, I do, and gives me the same error. I restarted FireTV and my modem, got the same error. I was able to stream on my laptop just fine, so it is obviously not my internet. I’m in Massachusetts,” wrote ‘Wander Bear.’

“Down in Ohio. Just finished watching Chernobyl. Wanted to watch something else. All of a sudden said “oops something went wrong”. Been trying @an hour. Even deleted the app and reinstalled it. Something must be going on!!!” added ‘geeps10’ on Twitter.

The majority of people complaining said they were using an XBox or Amazon Fire TV streaming device, although owners of the PlayStation gaming console and Roku said they had issues as well.

“Tried opening the app on fire stick and saying “oops there is a problem try again”. Forced stopped the app and still getting the same message,” said ‘Mark Sharman.’

The problem was so widespread that HBO Max’s Twitter customer help team acknowledged the issue in response to subscribers posting complaints on the social media site.

“We’re aware that some customers can’t access HBO Max right now. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this as quickly as possible,” @HBOMaxHelp tweeted at 9:37 p.m. ET.

But shortly before 11 p.m. ET, @HBOMaxHelp tweeted the problem had been resolved, and the complaints seemed to decline soon thereafter.

“We are aware some customers were experiencing access issues on HBO Max. This issue should be resolved now. Please tweet us for further support — we are here for you 24/7!” @HBOMaxHelp wrote.

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— Phillip Swann