Q. I was disappointed that last Sunday’s Rams-Packers playoff game wasn’t in 4K after the Rams-Seahawks game looked so good in 4K. Will this Sunday’s games with the Bucs and Packers be in 4K on Fox, or even the Chiefs and Bills game on CBS? And what about the Super Bowl?! — Terry, Riverside, California. 

Terry, you have many questions about 4K, which is not uncommon these days among sports fans who own 4K TVs.

For reasons unexplained, Fox, which broadcast the Wild Card game between the Rams and Seahawks in 4K, did not offer last weekend’s Packers-Rams or Bucs-Saints playoff contests in the format. The decision puzzled industry observers, and 4K TV owners, because, as you note, Fox’s presentation of the Seahawks-Rams game was met with near unanimous approval. The picture was crisp and the colors were vivid. You would think Fox would use the playoff games, which attract a large viewership, to further show off its technological prowess.

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The confusion in the 4K audience escalated yesterday when CBS revealed that it will not show next month’s Super Bowl in 4K. Talk about a lost opportunity to display your network’s technology!

CBS did not reveal why it’s not doing the game in 4K, but you can bet that the Coronavirus pandemic plus the fact that CBS has not done any NFL game in 4K yet are contributing factors. And now knowing that CBS won’t do the Super Bowl in 4K, it should be no surprise that it’s not producing Sunday’s Chiefs-Bills in 4K, either.

But what about Fox’s broadcast of the Packers-Bucs game? Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers. Certainly Fox will offer that magnificent matchup in 4K, right?

Wrong. Well, at least, it appears to be wrong. Fox has not responded to our inquiries regarding future 4K broadcasts of NFL games, including the Packers-Bucs. However, the network has not announced Sunday’s game will be available in 4K nor have any of its pay TV partners said they will offer the game in 4K.

We asked Comcast, which has broadcast every Fox 4K NFL game to date, if it will offer the Bucs-Packers game in 4K.

“No, but I don’t think FOX is planning to offer it in 4K (at least they haven’t announced anything yet),” a Comcast spokesperson told the TV Answer Man this morning.

So there you go. Unless Fox throws a last-minute Hail Mary to 4K fans, you’ll have to make do with the high-def broadcast on your local Fox affiliate.

Until then, happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann