Q. I have been hoping that Dish and Sinclair would reach an agreement to end their fight so I can get back my regional sports channel for the NBA season. I was reading the Sinclair web site about the fight and it has a link to your article saying Dish is missing 236 channels because of these fights. Is that really true? That’s incredible. And is there anything new in the Dish fight with Sinclair?. — Glenn, Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Glenn, there is nothing new in Dish’s carriage battle with Sinclair. The satcaster (and Sling TV) have been missing the 21 Sinclair-owned, Fox-named regional sports channels since July 26, 2019 due to the disagreement over fees. Sinclair last year also blacked out the channels on the live streamers Fubo TV, Hulu Live and YouTube TV in separate fee fights. You can read my latest update on these battles here.

Sinclair has created a lengthy web page offering its view of the various disputes. In the list of Q&As, the company says the following:

“Dish customers across the country are frustrated. Currently, Dish is without at least 236 channels due to 8 different carriage battles, which you can read about here.

As you note, the link takes you to an article I wrote on December 5, 2020 that says “Dish is missing 236 channels due to eight different carriage battles.” However, since that article was published, Dish has settled its disputes with Nexstar and Cox Media/Apollo, and started a new one with Capitol Broadcasting. So the current total of missing channels due to carriage battles is actually 61, not 236.

I have updated the article over the last month to reflect the changes. I appreciate Sinclair’s recognition of my work, but the company might want to update its page to say Dish has lost 236 channels, not that it’s missing 236 channels. We’ll still get the point that Dish has been involved in numerous fee fights, far more than any pay TV provider.

Update: Dish has settled with Mission Broadcasting. As of January 29, Dish is missing 33 channels.

Glenn, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann