This is the first Sunday of the great satellite TV blackout and football fans who subscribe to DIRECTV and Dish are rip-roaring angry that they can’t watch some of today’s NFL games.

Update: DIRECTV & Tegna sign new carriage pact.

DIRECTV this week lost 60 Tegna-owned local TV stations due to a carriage dispute while Dish lost 164 Nexstar-owned locals in a separate fee fight. The Tegna and Nexstar station list includes Fox and CBS stations which carry the NFL’s Sunday afternoon games.

While some satellite subscribers may have been irked that they couldn’t watch their local news programs, or Blue Bloods, today’s loss of the NFL contests has them spitting blood. They are taking to social media sites, such as Twitter, to express their outrage.

“Dear Dish, Just wanted to let you know that here l sit, not being able to watch any football games because you all cut off my local channels. Signed, Pissed Off Customer,” writes ‘Bill Nickey.’

“My local Fox channel is NOT working due to your dispute with TEGNA. Will I be able to watch Rams vs Cardinals on NFL Sunday ticket or will I be subject to blackout rules. This is ridiculous!” laments ‘F11TZ on Twitter.

“Time to cancel @dish  because can’t watch @NFL  games on @FOXSports  due to negotiations. Send your recommendations,” tweets ‘Gabriel Bolton.’

Sunday Ticket subscribers are particularly incensed because DIRECTV also must black out a game on the pay package if it’s airing locally on a Tegna station.

So @DIRECTV  let me get this straight. I pay for DirectTV, I pay extra for NFL Sunday ticket but I still cannot watch the game of my choice because it’s on a station you don’t carry? You dropped the local station so why can’t I watch the game with the Sunday Ticket?” tweets ‘Greg.’

“Thx @ATT  and @DIRECTV , somehow I am unable to watch the browns game today even with my wildly overpriced NFL ticket package you sell… how the hell can that be?” tweets ‘Paul.’

“DIRECTV is engaging in a pissing match during a raging pandemic,” tweets Tom Reed, a sports writer for the DK Pittsburgh Sports. “Will they risk their health to go to a bar to watch it? BTW, we have Sunday Ticket and are still blacked out.”

“@DIRECTV @TEGNA @CBS  Yesterday we receive a wonderful Increase in Monthly Fees Letter. Today no San Diego coverage. All of you guys really suck at customer service/loyalty,” writes ‘Julie Currier Dwyer.’

“We cannot watch the Titans-Browns game on @wusa9  and its blacked out on Sunday Ticket. Whats going on Tegna,” writes Bill Bride.

Some fans are blaming either the satcaster or broadcaster in each dispute, but most seem to be calling for a pox on both their houses.

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— Phillip Swann