Q. I want to buy my extended family some extra Christmas gifts this year, but I need to spread the money around. Do you have any ideas for some cheap little stocking stuffers that I can give a bunch of people? Looking for gifts around $10 or less. I have a lot of electronics people in my family so I thought I ask you. — Tanya, District Heights, Maryland. 

Tanya, when you’re talking $10 or less, your choice is limited. Even the cheapest Roku streaming player will set you back around $20. But I do have an idea for you. Amazon now is selling a slew of movies on Blu-ray for under $10, including some recent theatrical releases and holiday favorites.

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The list of sub-$10 Blu-rays include Sam Mendes’ searing World War I drama, 1917, The Invisible Man, the 2020 thriller starring Elisabeth Moss, The Polar Express, the animated Christmas classic featuring the voice of Tom Hanks, Hocus Pocus, another Christmas classic starring Bette Midler, and Knives Out, the 2019 murder mystery starring Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis.

But that’s just a small selection of the available bargains on Blu-ray. To see more Blu-ray movies under $10, click here.

Tanya, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann