Hulu Live’s new price increase seems to have caught subscribers by surprise with thousands taking to social media sites to express their anger and/or say they plan to cancel their service immediately.

The streamer yesterday announced that the monthly price of its live service will rise from $54.99 to $64.99 effective December 18. The fee hike, which will be for both existing and new customers, does not impact Hulu’s two Video on Demand plans which still start at $5.99 a month.

While the increase follows similar rate bumps from rival live streamers YouTube TV and FuboTV, many Hulu Live subscribers seem astonished that their service will soon cost more. Hulu, YouTube TV and Fubo TV have all said the new prices are necessary to offset rising program acquisition costs. But Hulu’s customers are expressing their opposition with a vitriol that seems extreme even by social media standards.

“More shutdowns R coming & U respond by jacking up YOUR income while alienating ur customers because of ur selfishness!! I’ve hated Hulu for a long time & as soon as I can find a decent replacement, I will cancel my subscription & NEVER do business with u again! NEVER!!” wrote @goldstarmomtx55 on Twitter.

Way to go @hulu @hulu_support  jacking your price up to ‘show your value’ during a pandemic. Ass—-price gauging. #CancelHulu,” tweeted ‘Limey O Riley.’

@hulu_support so, the app hasn’t changed at all since the first price hike and now it’s happening again. This is complete bulls—. Probably going to cancel. What a shame,” said ‘Shayne Klahr.’

“Was legit thinking about getting Hulu with Live TV until I saw it’s about to be the same price as YouTube TV even though it has less channels. F— that s—! I might just cancel Hulu and get YouTube TV,” said @musicluver935.

“…And those bitches had the audacity to cancel High Fidelity— F— HULU FRFR,” tweeted @chubbietuna, referring to Hulu’s decision earlier this year to cancel the Zoe Kravitz show after one season. 

“Shoutout to @hulu  for jacking rates up again. Especially during a pandemic where people are hurting for money. Smart move Hulu. Way to show your customer appreciation. #Hulu #CANCELHULU,” wrote @jakelovescbd on Twitter.

Price increases are never warmly met by customers, but the unusual anger being expressed could hurt Hulu if it does translate to widespread cancellations. Of course, with many of Hulu’s rivals also raising prices, the live service’s customers might have few attractive alternatives. Sling TV is still offering a $30 monthly base plan, but the streamer’s lineup does not include as many channels as Hulu Live. Philo has a $20 a month plan, but likewise is missing certain channels. (Philo does not carry sports channels.)

There’s always cable and satellite, but many live streaming subscribers bailed on those because of their high costs.

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— Phillip Swann