Q. I’ve been shopping for a TV and looking at the Black Friday sales. Which store do you think has the best deals? Amazon? They seem to have a lot of sales. — Tina, Omaha.

Tina, most retailers are now holding early Black Friday sales on everything from televisions to tissues. And while Amazon offers significant discounts on numerous items, including televisions, I would not say the etailer has the best TV deals. From my years of researching holiday specials, Amazon offers some TV deals, but often their prices are the same as rivals, or actually more in some cases. Where Amazon really shines is its prices on Amazon devices, and smaller electronics such as streaming players, headphones, and so on (Plus, its speedy delivery for Prime members has no rival.)

So which electronics store or web site has the biggest discounts, and widest selection, during Black Friday?

In my view, Best Buy.

The electronics giant offers hefty discounts on a large number of TVs, including name brands such as Samsung and LG. You may see some eye-popping prices at Walmart, but they are usually reserved for the company’s onn brand or other mid-quality sets such as Sceptre.

Best Buy has low prices for little-known brands such as its own Insignia TVs, but the company also offers steep discounts on TVs you’ve actually heard of. For instance, the retailer is now selling a Samsung 70-inch 4K TV for $529, and a LG 75-inch 4K model for just $649. They are not the best sets those companies make, but they are likely to deliver a better picture and lifespan than a non-name brand of comparable size.

The electronics giant uses its close relationships with CE manufacturers to offer a slew of discounted TVs during the holidays. Amazon and Walmart work with the TV makers as well, but not like Best Buy.

So if you’re looking for a name-brand TV with a big discount, I would go to Best Buy first. (You can trust me on this. I don’t receive any commissions from Best Buy affiliate sales.)

That doesn’t mean you won’t find a good deal at Amazon or Walmart (or Target). And, as noted earlier, Amazon may be the best source for discounts on other electronics, not to mention non-electronics.

You can see Amazon’s Black Friday sales on all products here.

Tina, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann