Wonder Woman 1984, the much-anticipated sequel to the 2017 blockbuster hit, Wonder Woman, could be debuting on home video as early as the first week of January.

Update: Warner Media announced on November 18 that Wonder Woman 1984 will be available on HBO Max on Christmas Day, the same day it’s released in theaters. 

Bloomberg News reports that Warner Bros. is contemplating premiering the film on HBO Max a week or two after it opens in movie theaters on Christmas Day. Studio executives are acknowledging that the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to keep movie theater attendance down for the next several weeks. So it might be in AT&T’s best interest to use Wonder Woman 1984 to drive subscriptions to its new streaming service. (AT&T owns HBO Max and Warner Bros.)

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HBO Max, which launched in May, is struggling to keep pace with streaming rivals such as Disney+ and Netflix in part due to a lack of carriage on the nation’s two leading streaming devices, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Undoubtedly, Wonder Woman 1984 would pressure both device makers to lessen their demands.

Bloomberg writes that theater owners, which have opposed previous plans to debut films early at home, might support this one due to the recent nationwide increase in Covid cases.

Wonder Woman 1984, which returns Gal Gadot in the title role, will feature the superheroine opposing foes and former friends turned foes. Chris Pine will also return as Wonder Woman’s love interest and the cast also includes Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Robin Wright.

The movie was originally scheduled to open in theaters in June, but was postponed due to the pandemic.

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— Phillip Swann