Q. I have YouTube TV on my Roku and I want to watch HBO Max. Is there a way to get HBO Max on YouTube TV and watch it on my Roku? — Jenny, Venice, California.

Jenny, you can subscribe to HBO Max through YouTube TV. And, as you note, you can watch YouTube TV on your Roku. But you can’t watch HBO Max on your YouTube TV on your Roku.

Now that you’re completely confused, let me explain.

First, a little background on HBO Max. The new streaming service, which is an expanded version of the cable HBO, costs $14.99 a month. Max has everything HBO has, but it also carries programming from Turner Classic Movies, Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network, and shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Friends. It’s truly a programming powerhouse, albeit more expensive than a basic subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus.

Now, you can order HBO Max through your YouTube TV service by doing this:
1. Visit tv.youtube.com on a web browser;
2. Click on your profile picture, then Settings and then Membership;
3. Click on the checkmark next to the channel you would like to add. In this case, HBO Max. You’ll see the price of HBO Max ($14.99 a month) next to the channel;
4. Click Agree to finish.

But to watch HBO Max through your YouTube TV sub, you have to download the HBO Max app which a separate app from YouTube TV.

And, as you probably guessed by now, the HBO Max app is not available on Roku. Or Amazon’s Fire TV, either. AT&T, which owns HBO Max, has yet to secure a carriage agreement with either streaming device.

So there’s no way for you to watch HBO Max unless you use a different streaming device such as Apple TV, Android TVs and iPhones and iPads. (To see the complete list of supported devices, click here.)

If you do use one of those supported devices, you can then access HBO Max using your YouTube TV user name and password.

Jenny, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann