Q. I missed out on some of the deals at Amazon Prime Day because I didn’t read your article about it until it was over. Are there any good deals left on TVs. I want to get a really big one to watch TV during the winter months. — Claire, Pittsburgh. 

Claire, as you note, the two-day Amazon Prime Day sale is over; it ran October 13 and 14. The sale featured significant discounts on a slew of big-screen TVs, although most of them were lesser brands such as Insignia.

However, Amazon still has a few TV deals up, including one that’s particularly interesting. Samsung’s 65-inch ‘Crystal’ 4K TV, model TU800, cost $1699.99 just six months ago, but it’s now available for just $699. That’s a 58 percent drop in a relatively short amount of time.

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And it’s not like the set is a clunker. When it was introduced earlier this year, tech critics were fairly impressed.

“The TU8000 is a good value TV that offers a decent performance for the money, but can’t shake some of the limitations of its more humble spec list,” wrote Tech Radar, which gives it four stars out of five. “Brightness and color saturation take a knock compared with Samsung’s pricier QLEDs, but its detailed picture, fantastic smart TV system and strong upscaling performance still offer plenty to like.”

“The TU8000 is a dependable mid-range TV with a good amount of upside—particularly if you’re a fan of the Samsung brand and can’t imagine yourself investing in any other manufacturer,” stated Reviewed.com

“Samsung’s 65-Inch TU-8000 Series TV is a great all-around set that supports modern video features and has Amazon’s Alexa built inside,” added Rolling Stone.

So if you want a big-screen at a good price, this Samsung 65-inch 4K TV model might be your answer. You can learn more about it here.

Claire, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann