DIRECTV, Comcast, FuboTV and Altice’s Optimum have all confirmed they will offer next week’s 2020 World Series in 4K.

The games will also be available on the Fox Sports app on supported devices such as 4K-enabled Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV; you can access the 4K broadcast with the user name and password from your pay TV service.

(Dish and Verizon may also provide baseball’s Fall Classic in the format, but they have not responded to inquiries from The TV Answer Man. We will update this article if we get more information.)

Update: Dish is showing the World Series’ opening game on Tuesday in 4K on its on-screen guide. Verizon has also confirmed its FiOS TV service will show the Series in 4K.

The 116th World Series will begin Tuesday night, October 20, with the winner of the Astros-Rays ALCS facing the winner of the Dodgers-Braves NLCS. The Braves now lead the Dodgers 2 games to one while the Rays are up 3-1.

The World Series will take place at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, rather than the home parks of the teams, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fox, which will simulcast the series in HD on the regular Fox affiliate channels, will produce it in 1080p and ‘upscale’ it to a 4K broadcast as opposed to shooting the event in 4K and transmitting in the same format. Upscaling is the process when one video format is converted to another. In this case, Fox will take the 1080p signal and convert it to a 4K format.

Upscaling 4K is not as good as what’s called, native 4K, which means the original event was produced in 4K, and broadcast or streamed in 4K as well. Still, the 4K broadcast should be an improvement over 1080i or 1080p HD.

DIRECTV will offer the game in 4K on either its channel 105 or 106, the two channels it devotes to live 4K events. Comcast’s 4K coverage of the game will be on its On Demand service. You can see the listing by saying ‘4K’ in your Xfinity voice remote on the day of the broadcast. (Note: You will need a Xfinity 4K-enabled set-top.)

With FuboTV, you will need a 4K-enabled streaming device that has the FuboTV app, or a TV that’s 4K-enabled and carries the FuboTV app. However, the live streaming service, which costs $65 a month, does not carry all Fox affiliates. If FuboTV does not carry the Fox affiliate in your market, you will not be able to see the 4K or HD broadcast of the games on FuboTV. Here is a list of the Fox affiliates that are available on Fubo.

Optimum, which is available in parts of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, will show the Series in 4K on its channel 200.

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— Phillip Swann