Q. I tried to watch Netflix on my laptop last night and I kept getting error messages for an hour or more. Did it go down? Did it have anything to do with that Texas indictment of Netflix? — Roxanne, Tulsa. 

Roxanne, if you had trouble connecting to Netflix late last night, you were not alone. The nation’s most popular streaming service suffered numerous login and error messages (meaning you couldn’t watch anything) although it appears that the glitches were largely confined to laptops and computers.

DownDetector.com, which tracks online outages, reports that nearly 9,000 people were simultaneously complaining about Netflix at the height of the problem around 11:30 p.m. ET. That’s not a small number, but remember that Netflix has more than 60 million paying subscribers in the U.S.

Within a few hours, Netflix customers started posting messages saying the issue had been resolved, although others said they were still having trouble logging in. Netflix’s Twitter customer service team advised those that were still having connection issues to re-set and/or reinstall their app, or try another device.

Despite its growing popularity, video streaming is still a work in progress with occasional picture buffering and other snafus. But Netflix has largely operated without such issues, except, that is, for last night.

By the way, the technical problems had nothing to do with yesterday’s news that a grand jury in East Texas has indicted Netflix for alleged lewd displays in the Netflix original series, Cuties. The show, which was intended to criticize those who sexualize young children, has come under fire from some social conservatives for actually doing the opposite.

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— Phillip Swann