Q. I’m ready to cut the cord, but I want to try out a streaming service like YouTube TV before I actually cancel my cable sub and sign up for the streaming service. Which of the pay TV streaming services has the best free trial? By best, I mean longest!! — Teresa, Venice, California.

That’s a great question, Teresa. All of the six major live streaming services offer free trials which permit you to check them out before actually subscribing. But there are a few differences among the streamers.

AT&T TV Now, Hulu Live, FuboTV and Philo are all offering seven-day free trials. But Sling TV only has a three-day free trial while YouTube TV is now doing a 14-day free trial. (However, you have to click on the free trial button to discover that; YouTube TV is not advertising the length of the free trial on its Home Page.)

If the duration of the free trial is most important, YouTube TV would be the winner here.

But allow me to offer a suggestion:

Do the free trial for all six. That way, you would get free TV for 45 days for having to decide which one you like most.

It may be a minor hassle to sign up for a free trial and cancel every three to 14 days. (f you don’t cancel before the free trial period is over, you will be charged.) But trying all six would tell you which service has the channels and features you prefer. And you won’t have to pay anything for a month and a half. That could save you as much as $100, depending upon which service you ultimately get.

Just an idea.

Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann